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Giving Back

Skoodle has been constantly reclassifying its philosophy by donating different belongings to needy people.

Skoodle is playing a leadership role in various fields for the well-being and prosperity of street children, blind school children, old age home, night shelter poor people etc. Going a step beyond charity and donations, Skoodle has also taken an initiative by distributing food in different hospitals for needy poor patient.

We look forward to become a credible partner for various companies to design and implement innovative and impactful activities across several other fields and would also want to be a partner with different NGOs.Since our inception, we have distributed various stationery items like-notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, water colours, poster colours, wax crayons, drawing books and other stationery items to street children and also in different blind schools for their educational well-being.

Other than distributing stationery items, we have also assisted our hands to old age home by giving blankets, clothes etc. Night shelter poor people too had a great advantage of getting woolen blankets, woolen clothes, woolen socks from us.

We have also distributed food in various hospitals for needy and poor people.

We organize all the above activities under “J. S. Rana Foundation” that has been established few years back and is continuously working in the field of giving charity till date. The foundation feels proud to assist these poor, needy people as well as the future of our country by distributing various stationery items to poor children for the welfare of education.