The word “Skoodle” means “Interactive, Creative & Fun Learning”. All our products are designed keeping in mind that any student can effectively learn in an interactive teaching environment.


We provide various products like school supplies that inspire children to use their imaginations and creativity to play.


Our products are designed and developed in a very careful manner with an expert team as well as also maintained the standard of quality and safety, with affordability.


One such unique product that we have manufactured is Plantable Paper Pencil. These paper pencils are available in a variety of ranges for schools, colleges, offices and almost all sectors where writing is necessary without harming any trees. The pencil is made from recycled paper, instead of cutting any wood. Our plantable paper pencil is more advantageous than any wooden pencil and is a world class export quality paper pencil. These paper pencils are quite unique and innovative than any other paper pencils as the main feature that it contains is – seeds at the other end. When these pencils are fully used they can be sown in the soil rather than discarding or throwing them.


Insert the green end of the pencil into the soil, covering a little more than the capsule.

Water your pencil in order to activate the seed capsule and begin the seed’s germination. Continue to water a little every day so that the soil stays moist, do not drown it in water.

The pencil stub can be removed after the seed has sprouted.

These pencils contain 5 different kinds of seeds – Mustard, Chilli, Tomato, Coriander, Fenugreek.


Other than that plantable paper pencil has features like:


  • It is made by paper rolling method that keeps lead at center with extra strength.
  • The roundness of a pencil gives more comfort while writing fast.
  • The pencil is an eco-friendly product.

No trees are harmed in the making of these pencils.