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About Us

We are a Hong Kong based company with our production and distribution facilities in China, Hong Kong, India and U.S.A. With our development team in U.S, we develop, design and produce "Learning & Teaching Aids" for students between the age group of 3 years to 10 years. We have been supplying Educational Aids, Games & Toys to U.S market with our brand name, "Skoodle", which means "Interactive, Creative & Fun Learning". All our products are designed keeping in mind that good and effective learning is only possible if it happens in an interactive teaching environment.

What We Provide

    • Sk'oodle® brand school supplies are intended to inspire children to use their imaginations and creativity to play.
    • Our Skoodle learning content, cover and page graphic, line color and spacing and all other specs of the product are carefully developed by an expert in the field of early learning and language development.
    • Skoodle products are developed and manufactured with the strictest attention to quality and safety, as well as affordability.